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The following party is open to families on low income, lonely, isolated, elderly people in the Bradford region.

Please forward onto other practices/District nurses across the Bradford region and to any other agencies that would be interested.

Christmas can be a very lonely time for some residents and as a new local community group we have decided to offer our support to residents who might like the company & support this Christmas.
We would like to kindly extend this invitation to all your service users so please do take this opportunity to reserve a place for anyone you feel could do with the support & company this Christmas.

We are also offering a pic-up & drop off service for those who wish to attend.

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“We are proud to have started a real, and meaningful conversation about the things that matter to the people of Bradford – and how we each must work to bring change”

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We welcome and value every person joining this group.

We are looking for positive ‘can do’ people who have a commitment to finding and acting on solutions to Bradford’s problems. Together, we really can make a difference.