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Bradford 4 Better awarded

The first ever King’s Award for Voluntary Services

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Bradford 4 Better awarded The King’s Award for Voluntary Service

November 2023 

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Bradford 4 Better win Community Organisation Award

at the National Diversity Awards 2022

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Let’s stop waiting for someone else to come and solve the problems in our city – let’s do it ourselves!

We want to leave a legacy for our coming generations, to show them that we stood up and made a difference when it mattered.



In April 2019, a group of Bradford women decided to clean up their street. That clean up soon became a weekly event, and started to include the whole neighbourhood.

The word spread rapidly and suddenly streets across Bradford were having weekend clean-ups and Bradford 4 Better (B4B) was born.

Over the next few months the group began campaigns to raise awareness of other concerns that the residents of Bradford faced, such as dangerous driving, anti-social behaviour, and the rise in drug related crime.

B4B began evolving into a pressure group and grew exponentially, highlighting the grassroots frustration that many Bradford residents felt. Soon the media, Council, and many public and private organisations took notice and B4B soon gained a reputation for being the go to organisation if you needed something to change.

As the membership of B4B grew, so did the scope of the work the group was involved with and B4B evolved organically into a citizen led community action movement.  

What We Do...

Community Action Days


Bradford Lifesavers

some of our many campaigns

“We are proud to have started a real, and meaningful conversation about the things that matter to the people of Bradford – and how we each must work to bring change”

True change can only come from the people, this is our city, and we are the ones that will make it better. 

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We welcome and value every person joining this group.

We are looking for positive ‘can do’ people who have a commitment to finding and acting on solutions to Bradford’s problems. Together, we really can make a difference.