Were it all began…

Bradford 4 Better was formed in Spring 2019, initially as a pressure group to highlight the many concerns of the residents of Bradford and inspire positive change. The group has rapidly evolved into a citizen led community action movement to inform, inspire and empower the residents of Bradford to make positive changes for the betterment of Bradford and its communities. 

On 17th of September 2020 Bradford 4 Better was formally incorporated at Companies House as a Community Interest Company called Bradford 4 Better CIC.

Our group objectives:

  • To work within and improve the area known as Bradford (Postal Code BD) for the benefit of the inhabitants of this area.
  • To engage and encourage the wider community in activities to better Bradford.
  • To aid and facilitate a safe, law abiding environment throughout Bradford, for citizens, visitors and our members.
  • To help empower the residents of Bradford by making Bradford’s service providers accountable to the Bradford public.
  • To help educate and engage the people of Bradford to take ownership of their actions and their responsibility as citizens to make Bradford better for future
  • To liaise with other voluntary sector bodies, local authorities, UK government departments and agencies, and other bodies, all with a view to furthering the association’s objects.
  • To pursue our core objectives (as outlined in the document ‘Bradford 4 Better Core Objectives 2020’)