Celebrating Excellence: Bangladeshi Youth Organisation Receives King’s Award for Voluntary Service!

Kash Ahmed and Dr Sohail Ahmed from Bradford 4 Better with Faz Haq and Mohammed Joynal from Bangladeshi Youth Organisation celebrating their receipt of the Kings Award for Voluntary Service 2023

We are thrilled to extend our heartfelt congratulations to our fellow Bradford-based organisation, the Bangladeshi Youth Organisation (BYO), for being honoured with the prestigious King’s Award for Voluntary Service! This recognition is a testament to their incredible dedication and positive impact on the community.

Faz Haq, a founding member of BYO said he was “very proud of all our volunteers
for their dedication and hard work …… a tremendous achievement and huge thank you to
you all”.

BYO Centre Manager Mohammed Joynal expressed his delight at receiving the award, saying “this is a proud moment for BYO and Bradford, we are deeply honoured”. He went on to say that “this is a recognition of all the hard work BYO and our volunteers do for the community and this award will inspire them to continue with renewed enthusiasm. Our success is down to these selfless volunteers and wonderful community we have”.

Faz and Mohammed recently joined Bradford 4 Better to celebrate both organisations each receiving the Kings Award for Voluntary Service 2023 (pictured above with Dr Sohail Ahmed, Chair of Bradford 4 Better and Kash Ahmed, Secretary of Bradford 4 Better).

Journey of Empowerment

Established in 1982 by young people from Bangladesh and Pakistan, BYO was born out of a shared desire to address the needs of newly arrived families and children in Bradford. Over the years, this initiative has evolved into a registered charity that plays a pivotal role in the community.

Serving the Community

BYO has been a beacon of support, offering a range of activities and services for children, young people, women, and local residents. Their focus on addressing educational underachievement, health inequalities, training and unemployment, community cohesion, isolation, and loneliness has left an indelible mark on Bradford.

Pioneering Projects and Impact

Over the past 40 plus years, BYO has made significant strides, leaving a positive impact on the community as a whole.

Formation of the First BAME Housing Association

BYO’s groundbreaking work led to the establishment of the first BAME Housing Association, addressing a critical need in the community.

‘FreshStart’ Project

Supporting 215 young people who were unemployed, disengaged, and not in education or learning into positive destinations, demonstrating a commitment to youth empowerment and development.

Youth in Common Project

Bringing diverse communities together, fostering tolerance, respect, and understanding. This effort was so impactful that it earned BYO an invitation to Buckingham Palace.

Downing Street Recognition

A young person from BYO was invited to 10 Downing Street to meet the Prime Minister, showcasing the organisation’s influence on a national scale.

A Shared Commitment to Community

As Bradford 4 Better, we stand side by side with BYO in celebrating their well-deserved recognition. Their journey of service, empowerment, and community building resonates deeply with our own mission. We applaud BYO for their tireless efforts and look forward to continued collaboration in making Bradford a better place for all.

Warmest congratulations to the Bangladeshi Youth Organisation on this remarkable achievement!

You can find out more about Bangladeshi Youth Organisation over at their website.

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